When Lying Becomes a Habit

What I learnt from the movie ‘The Informant!’, which is a true story, about lying… dramatised of course! (Is it lying?)

When you tell a lie,
you might feel compelled to tell another
to cover it up,
and another,
and another…

When you tell a truth later,
you might feel compelled to tell a lie
to fit it with an earlier lie,
and another,
and another…

When you tell many lies mixed with truths,
you might feel confused in time,
losing track of what is true and false,
till you can’t even trust yourself,
including others who trust you (because they might be wrong)!

The Buddha’s advice to his son, who was a compulsive liar when young:

… when anyone feels no shame in telling a deliberate lie,
there is no evil, I tell you, he will not do.
Thus, Rahula, you should train yourself,
‘I will not tell a deliberate lie even in jest.’

Ambalatthika-rahulovada Sutta

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