From Dystopia to Utopia


Yah: I’m apolitical.
Jat: More like apathetic.
Yah: Apathetic to politics… yes!
Jat: How so?
Yah: Because politics has too many shades of grey. So I would rather spend time on something more real, like studying the Pureland sutras.
Jat: And Pureland is more real than our world?
Yah: A world without the complexity of three poisons (greed, hate, delusion) at play is real. It can’t be more genuine!
Jat: Sounds like an Utopia [ideal world].
Yah: Sort of… and if Pureland is an Utopia, Samsara here would be a Dystopia. It’s only natural to look forward an Utopia rather than to stay in a Dystopia, no?
Jat: Why don’t you make this world an Utopia?
Yah: I am, by using Buddhadharma to do so. It is only through cultivation that one cleanses oneself of the three poisons to experience the real Utopia. And going to Pureland is one of the ways to further purify myself, after which I return better trained to purify Samsara!