Happily or Grudgingly?

A Tit for a Tat (72)

Tit: I was waiting for a bus in the sun today.
Tat: Why not in the shade of the bus-stop?
Tit: The angle was such that I had to be in the sun to look out for the bus – to flag it.
Tat: What happened next?
Tit: Two strangers came by and went into the shade.
Tat: So?
Tit: It was as if I had become their unspoken volunteer to look out for the bus – while they enjoyed the shade!
Tat: So what did you do?
Tit: When I had enough of the sun, I went into the shade!
Tat: Did one of them take over the watch?
Tit: They didn’t notice I wasn’t watching for the bus any more!
Tat: So what did you do?
Tit: I went back to watch out for it.
Tat: Happily or grudgingly?
Tit: More like normally, with an ordinary mind.
Tat: How so?
Tit: It occurred to me that if no one came to the bus-stop, I would need to watch for the bus in the sun anyway!
Tat: Haha!
Tit: And there was no point missing the bus with two unmindful strangers!
Tat: It was simple generosity toward them too!

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2 thoughts on “Happily or Grudgingly?

  1. I thought this is a very good example of forms manifestating in our lives. Depending on our karmic causes, we tend to meet individuals in our lives. In this case, the two individuals that “Tit” met are just individuals who come into his/her life for a while. If “Tit” is able to ignore the karmic links between him/her waiting for the bus under the sun and the two individuals under the shade, everything is fine and normality resumes.

  2. As Tat put it, Tit could had done better by seeing it as a karmic opportunity to practise generosity. It would be transforming a neutral or even negative experience into a positive one! Amituofo


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