India Adventures (11) : Lamp Offerings

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(Picture: A Buddhist making lamp offerings at a Tibetan temple near Mayadevi Temple)

May we always be mindful of Amita Buddha.
May we always aspire to swiftly become Buddhas.

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2 thoughts on “India Adventures (11) : Lamp Offerings

  1. I like this photo. It invokes in me a feeling of peace and assurance as I see this person making a simple act of lamp offering to the Buddha. The light from the lamp in the dark room reminds me that the Buddha Amitabha has always shines down on every sentient being even in the darkness corner. May we be able to feel his compassion for us in every moment and generate true, deep faith in his vows and in turn, transform this faith to great aspiration to be reborn in Pureland. May all reach buddhahood swiftly. Amituofo amituofo amituofo…..amituofo!

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