India Adventures (9): Wish for the Same Sky

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I still remember the crisp air and clear stars.
From that night under the Kent’s wintry sky.
This night, under India’s sky in the same season,
I see mist and dust clouding lives of the poor.

I always thought that we share the same sky.
How could that night be so different from this one?
Tonight, I yearn for a world where we all really share the same sky,
To be equally unobscured by suffering and pain.

With the company of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas,
May we all reborn in the Land of Ultimate Bliss.

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4 thoughts on “India Adventures (9): Wish for the Same Sky

  1. Is that the moon or lamp post? Really nice shot (Y)

    I wish for the same sky for all beings too.
    I wish the land of ultimate bliss be right here right now (*)

  2. Moonlight pointing to heart,
    Sharing lights with surrounding night;
    Prayers banners soaring in the sky,
    Witnessing the land one yearned
    Is not high over there,
    But here inside :
    Where Buddhas
    and Bodhisatvas
    (8) (8) :happy:

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