Learn to Be Still

When I was younger, I thought oldies sounded really old-fashioned. Then I realised I might end up years later preferring the ‘newer’ oldies of my own generation. Some say nostalgia strikes when you feel old – when you think the older stuff is better, while being less enthusiastic in keeping up with the new. Now seems to be the time? Here are two songs that helped to shape what is still the most intense story (in 5 parts) I had written after all these years. You can see them all at https://moonpointer.com/new/zeph-stories

For chapter 5 (at http://moonpointer.com/index.php?itemid=2408), is the Eagles’ ‘Learn to Be Still’, and…

‘… Now the flowers in your garden
They don’t smell so sweet so sweet
Maybe you’ve forgotten
the heaven lying at your feet…’

Paradise must be glimpsed in the now
before it can be seen fully later,
though ‘now’ can happen ‘later’.

… for chapter 4 (at http://moonpointer.com/index.php?itemid=2404), is Depeche Mode’s ‘Nothing’.

‘… Life
Is full of surprises
It advertises

Comments: Between everything and nothing
is something that is not exactly a thing,
called ‘changing-ness’.
(Emptiness in Buddhism is not nothingness.)



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