A Scanner Clearly

A passage from Philip K. Dick’s science fiction (graphic) novel and movie ‘A Scanner Darkly’, which I arranged into the following stanzas:

What does a scanner see?
Into the head, down into the heart?
Does it see into me? Into us?
Clearly or darkly?

I hope it sees clearly,
because I can’t any longer see into myself.
I see only murk.
I hope, for everyone’s sake,
the scanners do better.

Because if the scanner sees only darkly,
the way I do,
then I’m cursed and cursed again and will only wind up dead this way,
knowing very little and getting that little fragment wrong too.

Yet, however clearly a scanner does see,
so long as we do not see what it sees clearly,
we still cannot see into ourselves clearly.
It will still be murk.

What matters more, then,
is that we be the key scanners who see clearly first.
I hope, for everyone’s sake,
we scanners do better, by minding our minds.

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