Do You Love Shocking Honesty?

Love is the only shocking act left on the planet. – Reed Bennett

If you are honest, and would like others to be honest, how would you take it if your otherwise perfectly ‘faithful’ spouse of many years tells you that she once had a very brief affair in your absence a long time ago? In the movie ‘Valentine’s Day’, an old lady confesses so to her husband so on Valentine’s Day itself – because she couldn’t stand the guilt.

At first, the husband couldn’t take it. He remarks that the newfound truth makes the rest of the relationship all lies – since it was covered up for some time. It seemed that he preferred not to know the truth – which seemed to spoil it all. But later in the night, he reflects and realises that love is about acceptance of a person, warts and all.

But what if you are the wife? Knowing your husband is honest and ‘prefers’ honesty, plus the fact that you are honest to him in all aspects other than the secret short-lived affair, would you reveal it to him – knowing that there is equal possibility of him accepting the truth versus feeling repulsion about it? Is it worth the risk? If someone admits their mistake to you out of love, shouldn’t you appreciate it instead of hate it?

Are some things really better off left unsaid? Does the truth, even ugly ones, always set us free? Or can it wreck our lives? Does it differ on a case by case basis? But aren’t relationships about honest communication of thoughts and feelings? If a relationship cannot withstand a little blemish, how true and worthy is it? Honesty should only strengthen instead of weaken it.

Unconditional love is the only truly shocking act in the universe. – Anonone