Love-Hate Relationship with Love & Hate

In one of the stories within the movie ‘New York, I Love You’, we see a very old couple bickering all the way as they made their way towards the beach – just to see it. At first, the audience is likely to have empathy for them. Well, it is more sad to see the elderly couple quarreling than to see a young couple doing the same. It is sad because we wonder where all the love has gone to, and why they stay together after all these years if the love is really gone. However, when they reach the beach, as they stood side by side gazing at the vastness of it all, the wife hugs her husband’s arm and rests her head against him in heartwarming silence. What a paradoxically accurate portrayal of commonplace worldly love!

how much aversion we have towards someone
is a hint of
how much attachment we have towards someone.

there is no clear line
attachment and aversion.

we love our loves,
and other times,
we hate our loves.

we call this a love-hate relationship.
Yet it is from this that we will learn to truly love,
to truly rise above attachment and aversion.

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