We Are Born Lovers

When you’re born a lover
You’re born to suffer
Like all soul sisters and soul brothers…

I’m not looking for an easy ride
True happiness cannot be tried
So easily

– Depeche Mode (Goodnight Lovers)

We are reborn as lovers of Samsara, and suffer,
sometimes willingly and more often unwittingly,
even as we seek love and happiness.

If not, we wouldn’t be here…
unless we are Bodhisattvas
who are here to love unconditionally,
to rescue those trapped here.
But sometimes, we are in between?

True Love being Bodhisattva love that we strive to embody,
‘The course of True Love never did run smooth.’ (Shakespeare)

Conditional love is only good for one thing –
for transforming to become less and less conditional;
for purifying to become more and more unconditional.

– Stonepeace