Mmm mmm mmm mmm

The more I look around,
the more ‘mantras’ I see in everyday life.
Here’s a haunting one…

‘Mmm mmm mmm mmm’
A ‘mantra’ on doubt, puzzlement, wonderment… ?
‘Mmm mmm mmm mmm’

Now this will get you nowhere near enlightenment
unless it prompts you to really uncover the truth,
about what you’re mulling over.

What is the song about?
I didn’t quite get it… till I wiki-ed for it.
‘Mmm mmm mmm mmm’

What’s the ‘mantra’ you hum?
What do you repeat aloud or in your mind?
Is it useful?

Does it trap you in a loop?
Does it free you from a cycle?
‘Mmm mmm mmm mmm’


From Wikipedia: Each verse describes the isolation and suffering of a child, two of whom have a physical abnormality; a boy whose hair has prematurely whitened from shock and a girl covered in birthmarks. The third child’s family belong to a charismatic/ pentecostal church, and is forced to ‘lurch and shake’ when visiting the church.

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