When the ‘Extreme’ is Not

His doctor told him to drink cow milk daily for calcium. I told him it will lead to loss of calcium instead as the latest well verified studies say so (e.g. The China Study). I advised him to eat more greens like broccoli instead, and to give up milk. He says that is extreme and that he takes the ‘Middle Path’!

When one has a wrong perception of what is the Middle Path and takes it, it becomes an Extreme Path instead. While what one unwisely rejects, which appears to be an Extreme Path is the real Middle Path!

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4 thoughts on “When the ‘Extreme’ is Not

  1. “A lie told often enough becomes truth” ~ Vladimir Lenin

    We have been so highly intoxicated with the lie that cow’s milk is good for us, that now to un-believe it has become something unbelievable, if not deplorable.

    Here is an article about human milk being used to make a cake.


    The response was hugely negative, people generally said it’s yucky, it’s dirty, it’s just unthinkable. But it appears unthinkable just because something truly unthinkable – that human (adults!) are not supposed to wean themselves off the milk (meant for babies!) of another species – has been so strongly and deeply embedded in the minds of people, that now truth has become something unacceptable instead.

    I commented that drinking cow’s milk is much more unnatural than drinking another human’s milk. Someone else responded that true, drinking cow’s milk is unnatural, but it’s something that we’ve been doing all along. 晕! :dizzy:

    Old habits die hard.

  2. Yeah…

    Sometimes the truth is not far;
    we just need to remove the habit
    of lying to ourselves,
    of believing what the media says.


  3. Some pointers to share with regards to avoiding milk and getting enough calcium:

    1) Adults should have been weaned long ago. The stomachs of adults can no longer process milk, which is meant for babies. For human babies, human mother’s milk is the best, milk from another species can only act as a substitute when the human mother is for some reason unable to provide milk for her baby. Parents should switch to a healthier diet and lifestyle before having a baby, and while breastfeeding, the mother should take proper care of her diet.

    2) We do not need as much calcium as is widely recommended.

    3) Instead of loading up on calcium, reduce protein intake, especially protein from animal foods.

    4) We can get more than enough calcium suitable for the human system from plant sources. Eg. brussels sprouts, carrot, broccoli, turnip, kale, black sesame seeds, dates, figs, alfafa, cabbage, lettuce, spinach, parsley, molasses, seaweed, etc… (note: spinach has to be taken raw, never cooked, as cooked spinach will aid in the formation of oxalic acid crystals in the kidneys.)

    5) Take raw as much as possible. Have salads in every meal if possible. Drink fresh raw fruit and vegetable juices daily. A good start is ABC juice (apple, beet root, carrot).

    Babies fed on cow’s milk indeed grow. But they grow in size, not so much in intellect. And they develop allergies, which get better when milk is removed from the diet.

    Here is more information on the truth about milk:

    Milk Sucks

    Dr. MacDougall’s Health and Medical Center:

    When Friends Ask: Where Do You Get Your Calcium?

    When Friends Ask: “Why Don’t You Drink Milk?”

    Marketing Milk and Disease

    Dairy Products and 10 False Promises

    My Favorite Five Articles Found in Recent Medical Journals

    Long and short of it all:

    To avoid osteoporosis, avoid milk at all costs!

    Consuming milk from another species meant for its babies is an extreme path that we have been walking for too long, an extreme that now is seen as normal and a ‘middle path’. Imagine, HUMAN ADULTS drinking milk from COWS that will only produce milk when they need to feed their BABIES. How more extreme can things get? :-O

    Pull yourself away from that extreme before you fall off. Not only is forgoing milk being non-extreme, it is one great way to bring us back to the true middle path. 😀

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