Bad Faith for Good Feedback?

It’s intriguing that some ask for feedback openly but deal with it badly. How do you know someone is insincere in conveying your thoughts, which you took effort to formulate and relay? When they say they’ll ask the phantom ‘others’ what they think about your ideas, and never ever get back, thus effectively pushing the responsibility of looking into your contribution to nobody in particular and diffusing their own personal responsibility, while hoping you will eventually forget about the whole issue. This is the worst when it comes to Dharma matters, which have wider implications.

This is ridiculous especially when that person is the key person in charge, trying to look like a team player, when it is this person who decides not to seriously look into your feedback for improvement. It’s actually better that they ignore feedback than to pretend to look into them, thus raising expectations and giving rise to disappointment. There is a thin line between being diplomatic and being insincere. It’s my bad to harbour unrealistic expectations, but arguably, to disregard feedback is less unethical than to lie about looking into it. I’m keeping an open mind about a recent case. Maybe there will be serious but late feedback on my serious feedback. Better late than never.

2 thoughts on “Bad Faith for Good Feedback?

  1. I presume you are referring to the corporate world.
    Please take heart that as long as you’ve put in effort and done your part, that’s good enough.
    There are many examples of ignored work, stolen credit, undeserved accusations etc. in our sphere of work and if we get worked up over these, it may affect our perspective over other tasks.
    I think its better to focus on the things that we are doing at the moment.
    Sometimes, ignorance is bliss…….. :angel:


  2. I think it applies ‘everywhere’ in Samsara, corporate or not, bcos it’s Samsara after all! Amituofo


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