Be a Weekday Vegetarian at Least?

Do watch this short video (only 4 min long) It presents a simple but powerful concept that can change your life and that of many others.

Excerpt: ‘I realized that what I was being pitched was a binary solution. It was either you’re a meat eater, or you’re a vegetarian. And I guess I just wasn’t quite ready. Imagine your last hamburger. (Laughter) So my common sense, my good intentions, were in conflict with my taste buds.And I’d commit to doing it later. And not surprisingly, later never came. Sound familiar? So I wondered, might there be a third solution? And I thought about it. And I came up with one. And I’ve been doing it for the last year, and it’s great. It’s called weekday veg. The name says it all. Nothing with a face Monday through Friday. On the weekend, your choice. Simple.

If you want to take it to the next level, remember, the major culprits, in terms of environmental damage and health, are red and processed meats. So you want to swap those out with some good, sustainably harvested fish. It’s structured, so it ends up being simple to remember. And it’s okay to break it here and there. After all, cutting five days a week is cutting 70 percent of your meat intake. The program has been great, weekday veg. My footprint’s smaller I’m lessening pollution. I feel better about the animals. I’m even saving money. Best of all, I’m healthier, I know that I’m going to live longer, and I’ve even lost a little weight. So please, ask yourselves, for your health, for your pocketbook, for the environment, for the animals, what’s stopping you from giving weekday veg a shot? After all, if all of us ate half as much meat, it would be like half of us were vegetarians.’

The practice of vegetarianism needs not be all or nothing.
Some mindful reduction of meat consumption
is better than total mindless meat consumption.

– Stonepeace

11 thoughts on “Be a Weekday Vegetarian at Least?

  1. Yes, yes, put it @ How I become Vegn

    I have been thinking about Shel Lin’s comment, I try to recall my own my pregnancy, I don’t think I even have such good intention for my BB.

    I think she is great and her action has change something in this world, might even affect 7 generations down the road. She is a role model for her BB and other too …

    I can’t say whether my speculation is right or wrong. In a pregnancy, the decision of going vegetarian (to create less bad karma or to build a compassionate heart etc), it might affect the mindset (wholesome) of the BB and also create the “wholesome genes” for the future generations too.

    Beautiful – Mother does it for the BB and BB is Mother’s strong motivation…

    I believe there are real stories when some children go vegetarian for sick parents or …

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