Okay Stocks & Shares?

Q: If company X has a variety of businesses, one of which is involved in delivering, design and repair of military vehicles for global customers for combat purposes or peacetime security, and if company Y also has a variety of businesses, one of which is involved in running an abattoir, where animals are killed and processed for food consumption… would it be alright to buy either of their stocks and shares?

A: It might be challenging but it is best not to support livelihoods which profit on potential or actual harm of living beings. Such unskilful livelihoods, as advised by the Buddha, include trade in weapons, humans, meat, intoxicants and poisons. You might be interested to know that there is something called the Dharma Index founded in India, which is supposedly based on Buddhist, Hindu and Jain ethics. However, the ethical system of these three religions have some variations too. I’m thus not sure how sound the system is.

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