Sea Song & Deep Blue Day

Some years ago, something weird and wonderful happened. I was listening to Tears for Fears’ remake of ‘Sea Song’ on a discman (Yes, no mp3 players then) on a bus… When the bus was moving over a bridge, I peered out of the window and saw a strange seemingly organic creature on a river bank. This is bizarre because I had never seen anything like that before and never since. It is most of all bizarre because at the very moment, the song was singing this – ‘Like the starfish that drift in with the tide, with the tide’. It felt like a sign of sorts, because it sung exactly what I saw, but I had and still have absolutely no clue what it meant. (Below is original version of the song by Robert Wyatt. It’s amazing how musicians can see the potential in classics to reinvent them with so much difference.)

On another occasion, I bought the soundtrack of the movie ‘Trainspotting’. The track listed ‘Deep Blue Day’ caught my special attention. When I stepped out of the building and looked up at the sky, it was the deepest, bluest sky I had ever seen. It remains so. Once again, it felt like a sign, and I had no idea of what it implied. On hindsight, ‘Deep Blue Day’ was impressionable because I like deep blue days, and because that phrase resonated with me, it urged me subconsciously to look up to see if it was a deep blue day… and voila! It was! This also means that there might be many deep blue days I had missed, because I wasn’t looking out for them above. Back to ‘The Sea Song’, that remains a mystery. A ‘karmic coincidence’ perhaps? What an oxymoron – if there is karma at play, there are no coincidences. (Below is the scene from ‘Trainspotting’ that featured part of the song with the deep blue sea more than day.)

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