Should Kids Know about Ghosts?

I heard of a Mother who had a kid who was frightened about ghosts. She dismissed them, telling him that there are no such things as ghosts. I don’t know when would be the right time, but I do think it’s good to educate kids on the supernatural as soon as possible, in an objective open manner. I mean, what happens if your kid encounters a malevolent ghost ill prepared? The bid to prevent nightmares might lead to a living nightmare in the worst-case scenario? A sense of respect and compassion (instead of demonisation), precaution (instead of blatant disregard) or at least healthy skepticism (with open-mindedness) should be encouraged.

At a book exchange recently, I picked up a children book on ghosts. Yes – there are good books on them. Let’s just say the kids who are brave and curious enough will read them, while the ones afraid will naturally keep away or be kept away from them by their parents. It was a book I browsed through when I was a kid in a bookshop. Finally, I got the chance to read it properly. From ‘The World of the Unknown: All about Ghosts’ by Christopher Maynard, a surprising counter-intuitive ‘fact’ caught my attention. See the bold below:

‘Some places have a reputation for being particularly haunted. The village of Pluckley in southeast England is one of these. It is claimed to have no fewer than 12 ghosts. The villagers do not agree as to whether the ghosts exist, but it seems unlikely that the village should get its reputation for no reason at all. Researchers point out that conflicting opinions about ghosts can be a sign that they really do exist. If everyone had the same opinion, it would probably mean that they had read the same book or newspaper report.’

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