The Best Fight is No Fight

In ‘Ip Man 2’, Ip Man (pronounced as Ye Wen in Chinese) shares some counter-intuitive wisdom on the arts of fighting (and not fighting):

1. When facing many enemies out for blood, it is best to run. But if running is not possible, fight.
2. Winning an opponent is not as important as having dinner with one’s family.
3. There is no eternal number one. Some 20 later, even the best pugilist has to step aside.
4. The true spirit of the arts of fighting is to cultivate non-strife, not to learn fighting techniques.
5. Once you have a good hold of a situation, focus on it relentlessly for results.
6. The fighting arts and duels have no pride, while people magnify their pride through them.
7. Fighting bullies is not to prove who is better but to show that despite differences in status, there is similar dignity that deserves respect.

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