Of Gods & Demons

As long as there is an ego,
there are demons.

When there is no more ego,
there are no more demons either!

– Machig Labdrön

The chief demon is not Mara;
The chief demon is your ego.

– Stonepeace

You may think that gods are the one’s who give you benefits,
and demons cause damage;
but it may be the other way round.

Those who cause pain teach you to be patient,
and those who give you presents may keep you from practising the Dharma.
So it depends on their effect on you if they are gods or demons.

– Machig Labdrön

Sometimes, even demons can ‘be’ godly.
Sometimes, even gods can ‘be’ demonic.

– Stonepeace

In other traditions, demons are expelled externally.
But in my tradition, demons are accepted with compassion.

– Machig Labdrön

Take a demon as a demon and it will harm you.
Know a demon is in your mind and you’ll be free of it.

– Jetsun Milarepa

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