Buddhist Leadership Based on the Six Perfections

These ideas came to mind on which leadership model to use for Buddhist organisations…

1. We should use the Dharma as the main guiding framework.
2. We don’t just want followers; we need to nurture leaders –
to lead with/out title – to be the best in their respective fields.
3. We need leadership that is the best – by example in action; not by status.
4. The best leadership (of the Buddhas) is in terms of Compassion and Wisdom.
6. The best leaders are the Buddhas, who have perfected the Six Perfections, that we should emulate.
7. The Six Perfections thus form the path to the best leadership – for guiding one and all to Buddhahood.
8. The first to fifth Perfections pertain to Compassion and the sixth to Wisdom. They are below, as broadly interpreted.

a. Generosity – Giving of Dharma, materials, comfort, effort, time…
b. Morality – Guided by the Five and ultimately Bodhisattva Precepts
c. Patience – Not giving up transforming any being with the Dharma
d. Energy – Diligent practice of these Six Perfections
e. Concentration – Being focused in spiritual learning, practising and propagation
f. Wisdom – Cultivated by active learning, practising and realisation of the Dharma.

Just as every die must have all six sides to be complete,
every Buddhist leader should cultivate all Six Perfections.

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