Please Learn Well… Before It’s Too Late

A fool, even though he is associated with a wise man all his life,
does not understand the Dhamma,
just as a ladle does not know the taste of soup.

An intelligent man, even though he is associated with a wise man only for a moment,
quickly understands the Dhamma,
just as the tongue knows the taste of soup.

– Dhammapada (Verse 65 & 66)

Sent to a colleague who left some time back…

Hope u don’t mind me saying this… I got this worry about you all these years… I better say it now… Although you have been immersed in promoting Dharma activities, I sincerely hope you will take more time aside to learn and practise the Dharma systematically (e.g. go for classes and retreats). Life is too short and we don’t know when we have to leave all else behind. The only valuable things we can bring with us to the next life is Dharma understanding and our karma. As the Buddha said as his last words, ‘Subject to change are all conditioned things – Strive on with diligence!’

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2 thoughts on “Please Learn Well… Before It’s Too Late

  1. Amituofo. Agree totally. When we learn or in contact with the Dharma, we need to understand the actual meaning of the Dharma and put them into our daily lives and able to apply them, then it would be most beneficial to others as well as to ourselves.

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