All I Want…

A poignant song from Sarah Blasko, with some comments to share…

All I Want

Lyrics: I don’t want another lover
So don’t keep holding out your hands
There’s no room beside me
I’m not looking for romance
Say I’ll be here, I’ll be here
But there’s no way you’d understand
All I want
All I want
All I want
When I don’t even know myself

Comments: Why not just be there when another needs you? If you really care for someone, you should not push for any commitment… because it causes suffering… especially if you are already truly committed to that someone, even if that person is not committed to you. Do we understand all we want when we don’t even understand ourselves? All we want is True Happiness, but can it be found with others who don’t understand themselves too?

Lyrics: I don’t want another partner
So don’t try and break the spell
I can’t even understand me
So don’t think that you can help
When I say things and see things
That’s no way on earth to tell
What I want
What I want
What I want
‘Cos I don’t even know myself

Comments: Paradoxically, being open to someone else when we don’t completely understand ourselves can be very enlightening to ourselves, as we realise more about ourselves through how we relate to others. But this relating doesn’t have to be based on worldly love. It can be based on spiritual friendship, which is more valuable. So valuable is it that worldly love should always have the element of spiritual friendship, or it would be spiritually meaningless.

Lyrics: No one wants to be lonely
But what am I to do?
I’m just trying to be honest
I don’t want to hurt you too
When I’ll be there, I’ll be there
I know I sound confused
But all I want
All I want
All I want
All I want
All I want
See, all I want
All I want
Is to one day come to know myself

Comments: One who truly loves is already no longer lonely, even when not with the beloved, while one who always want to be with another will always be lonely… and hurt. Love or no love… is it always all or nothing? Is there no middle ground? Love that is not based on friendship is not True Love. Why not work on building friendship first? What’s the hurry? All we want is to one day understand ourselves fully. Even our yearnings and rejections are ways to do so.