Dishonour Among Thieves

‘Outrage’ is a recent flick,
destined to be another classic,
that portrays the convoluted nature of organised crime,
of the chaotic scheming and violence that lies beneath the cool black suits and shades.

Some honour is expected among the crime lords,
who check and keep one another in place,
though having ‘too much’ honour
means one cannot climb high on the criminal corporate ladder!

The ones trusted the most
are possibly the least trustworthy too,
as each try to guess what the others are trying to do,
as they try not to keep the others guessing their true intentions correctly.

‘Outrage’ is a terrific cautionary tale
on the danger of living a ‘high-flying’ life of crime,
of the short-lived nature of being at the top due to the above.
The price to pay is just way too high!

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