My Buddhist Journey

A friend asked for my testimonial of how I become a Buddhist for sharing. Below is a short account… If you would like to share your story, please do by commenting!

I began to be seriously interested in Buddhism after coming across an English version of the Heart Sutra. I was intrigued by its profound philosophical aspects, which somehow compelled me to want to know more about the Buddha’s teachings. Little did I realise that the Buddha’s teachings are so vast and complex. But as a Buddhist who has taken refuge, I vowed to learn as much as I can and to use Dharma knowledge to help as many sentient beings as possible.

Way back before, Buddhism wasn’t an alien religion to me. I was exposed to it since young, be it in the media or by family influence. But I was not exposed to the real essence of Buddhism till I had to choose a religion to study. But due to my lack of wisdom, Buddhist Studies during my secondary school days didn’t have much impact on me.

I was all gladness to ‘chance’ upon the sutra that changed my life. Before learning Buddhism, I lived my life like driftwood lost out in the open sea. Now, through better understanding of the Buddha’s teachings, I came to realise the essence of universal compassion and the importance of treating all beings as equal. Thus, my vegan journey of minimalising harm to sentient beings began, but that’s just one significant change in my life. I’m still learning and practising and will continue to do so until full realisation of Buddhahood in Amitabha Buddha’s Pureland.

(Veganism is not just about not eating animal products such as meat, eggs and dairy stuff; it is also about mindful disconnection from direct and indirect harm of sentient beings in all aspects of life – such as not supporting the use of leather, wool, honey, which come from animal exploitation.)