Systematic Way to Cultivate Wisdom

Question: Does the Buddha teach a systematic way of cultivating wisdom?

Answer: The Buddha’s teachings are valuable precisely because they teach many systematic ways to cultivate wisdom. He taught many ways because different beings have different spiritual capacities.

Buddhist courses (e.g. Project Rebirth) are examples of systematic ways to share the wisdom of the Buddha – starting by drawing major lessons from the Buddha’s life story itself, and the fundamental teachings that he taught, which range from the basic and progress to greater profundity. That is to say, if all of these teachings are deeply learnt, reflected upon, practised and realised, wisdom arises.

The more sustainable way to cultivate wisdom after learning general Dharma must arise from embracing a Dharma method of practice after learning the general teachings, and to stick to it. E.g. the practice of Buddha mindfulness (with related sutra study… )

Another way of answering the question is that the most systematic way to master the Dharma is to enrol in the best school – Pure Land, where one will be taught by the best teachers (Amitabha Buddha and other Bodhisattvas), which guarantees Buddhahood. Too learn how to enter this school requires some wisdom too.