Two Wishes

Seeing an old man walking slowly,
holding up the walkway,
I hope I will never hold anyone up similarly.

Yet, this hope arose because
I was impatient with being held up.
May I never be impatient of being held up by anyone too.

6 thoughts on “Two Wishes

  1. May I always
    rejoice & learn from the virtues in others,
    reflect & see my own misgivings through others, as well.

    May we be mindful, within & without.
    Little wonder why there’s a saying that
    the place to practise is not in the meditation hall,
    but right where you are.

  2. May I always
    share with others
    the virtues I learn from others,
    to make the world a better place,
    by spreading word of how others are doing so.



  3. 有个妈妈带着孩子去拜见圣严法师。

    A belated happy and special belated birthday to your special brother!


    Er… good to go easy on the non-vegan chocs, cakes and chicken parts… cos mother sentient beings are involved… The angel story is somewhat charming but… why would a good angel want to create the need to be forgiven (e.g. be evil) if it is already paradise with no misgivings anywhere? And why would any deity in control, not that there is one, allow this? However, the idea of fallen gods who forget former goodness can be found in the suttas. (E.g. see the links at )

  4. 🙂
    well, he’s currently staying at a Buddhist Day Care centre, so he mainly has vegetarian meals. Let’s hope that both me and my father being vegetarian will help “balance out” :p
    (ok, I know it won’t, but…)

    actually, I had paused mid-way during the typing of the angel version. (It was actually a story shared by Zheng Yan Fa Shi.) cos I was wondering that if the angel didn’t want to be special, then there wouldn’t be a start to it. However, I do remember reading one of your articles in ForYou Magazine recently, with regards to that the Demon (Maya?) was actually a form of deity too? I thought that was an interesting point of view 🙂

  5. Mara is a deity, but that doesn’t mean he is good, as he is a heavenly demon. In fact, he represents the greatest evil. Yet, Bodhisattvas can manifest as maras too, as skilful means: But this isn’t to say all maras are real Bodhisattvas – even if we try to see them as so.

    Hmmm… In the ‘angel’ story, the ‘angel’ didn’t need to start anything (any trouble) in the first place. The real problem was discontent in his mind. (The context of the story suggests that things were already perfect – other than this discontent.) He didn’t need to play the devil’s advocate. In doing so, he became the devil. Here’s an interesting twist. Not that the story is real, but if he is, the ‘angel’ did teach something about forgiveness – about the need to forgive him for starting the trouble!



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