Before It’s Too Late

I encountered someone
who seem perfectly normal,
who turned out to be suicidal.

I had a chat with him,
to discuss his woes,
with sprinkles of advice.

I’m glad I didn’t pay less attention,
that I didn’t turn away in his time of need,
that I was able to offer a listening ear.

Since we can’t tell who is suicidal (or dying),
may we be kind to one another,
before it is too late, before we regret.

3 thoughts on “Before It’s Too Late

  1. Those who suffer from depression
    are like the matchstick girl, out in the cold & open,
    striking up a glow of light,
    one after another,
    only to see it fade away,
    one after another.
    It is not true that they do not wish for warmth and love,
    that they only see sorrow and despair,
    but that they are so lost, they cannot find the way.

    They are not fascinated by death
    but rather do not see life beyond where they are
    so if you may
    for those who see and feel the warmth from within
    offer some light and warmth to those in need

    Too often we are too afraid to give a promise of a lifetime,
    when all anyone needs is a warm smile, an encouraging word, a helping hand,
    from moment to moment, time to time.

    Don’t worry about forever
    Just be there right now

  2. Though we can’t share Nirvana,
    that is, eternal happiness,
    we can surely share moments of happiness.



  3. Pay attention to every task we do,
    Treat everyone earnestly.
    For every encounter is a great opportunity,
    To share the warmth of our hearts.

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