Dreamare of Samsara

From TheZena56:

‘I had a nightmare once.
I was walking down a snowy road and the full moon was blood red.
And I swear I heard something like this
(Digital Daggers’ cover version of Tears for Fears’ Head Over Heels)
playing in the background.
And I had the biggest urge to run because I felt danger, but I couldn’t.
It was sweet but dark altogether.
Maybe I should call it a “Dreamare” ‘

Sounds like our love-hate of Samsara,
Lovable enough to cause attachment,
Loathsome enough to cause aversion.
Paradoxical enough to render us stuck now.

Why not transform the sticky love,
Why not transform the burning hate,
To selfless compassion and wisdom,
To urge one and all to transcend Samsara?