Dressing Without Meaning

A Tit for a Tat (200)

Tit: I notice you don’t wear T-shirts with wordings.
Tat: Yeah…
Tit: Why so?
Tat: Most wordings are not very meaningful. Wouldn’t want to waste others’ time reading them!
Tit: What about multi-coloured T-shirts with various designs?
Tat: I don’t wear them because they are meaningless too!
Tit: So what’s the meaning of your plain T’s?
Tat: They’re meaningless too – but they are a plainer and less distracting kind of ‘meaninglessness’!

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4 thoughts on “Dressing Without Meaning

  1. with our 5 senses,
    bombarded by all sorts of information,
    anytime, anywhere;
    it’s hardly surprising,
    if a blank shirt stands out instead…
    and evokes those around to start “filling” it with
    their own questions and
    their own answers.

    I’m wondering, recently,
    that how many of us,
    can look at a plain piece of paper,
    without thinking of something?

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