New Project Rebirth Course Jan04


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New Project Rebirth Course

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Here’s more feedback from past participants of the 1st round to share.
(Hope you can be one of the participants of this coming 2nd round!) :

‘Thank you for the insights and sharing. As a ‘newbie’ to Buddhism, attending Project Rebirth has definitely helped to set a good foundation and provides a basic understanding to Buddhism. The course was well structured and the notes were very clear and well interpreted. I enjoyed in particular the various video clips, movies learnings and real life examples given as it makes the teachings very ‘real’ and close to everyday living. The follow-up emails and readings also help to further my understanding and provide me great insight on daily Dharma. It also serves as a great reminder to continue with the learning and application of the Dharma.’ – Shirly

‘You are very resourceful. There is a lot of information provided at your sharing sessions. Simple, concise and easy to understand. Thank you very much for your effort. It is a blessing to know you.’ – Irene

‘[The teacher] has lots of potential and passion for teaching.’ – Rosalind

‘I’ve attended the first class for Project Rebirth last Sun and it was an insightful experience.’ – Emily

‘Thanks for the interesting lessons and I look forward to more wisdom, compassion and happiness from learning the Dharma. This is my first Dharma course, and I hope to learn more from you and other classmates. Thank you for sharing the Dharma for the past few weeks. I enjoyed the classes and appreciate the practical aspects of the teaching. If the Dharma is mindfully applied to life, I believe it will bring greater calm and happiness.’ – SK

‘Thank you for spending your weekends with us to help us find true happiness. You are a great teacher. As a beginner, I do find some of the teachings profound at this point but certainly I leave the class every week a little more enlightened. I want to share with you that I am so thankful I have taken the first step to start my spiritual path.’ – Heng

‘Hi Shi’an, Thank you for the wonderful lessons. I had been looking forward to each lesson and must say that I have learnt many things.’ – JK

Hi Dharma Friends, I hope the below is enough ‘marketing’ via past feedback.
If you wish to join the class, do register using the form at
soon :-]
Thanks for reading and see you soon! Amituofo