What If The Top Doesn’t Stop?

While sharing on the movie ‘Inception’ at NTU Buddhist Society’s camp at Cheng Beng Buddhist Society’s building, I concluded by flashing a replica of Cobb’s top totem (that came with the special box set of the DVD). Somewhat mirroring the last scene of the movie, I pointed to a table that was a makeshift shrine before a Buddha image and said something to this effect, ‘Now, I’m supposed to go to the table there to give this a spin, but the table’s too cluttered. What if the top doesn’t stop? I planned to suddenly grab the top while it is still spinning. Are we still in a dream or not? We’ll never know then! Just do your best to further wake up!’

Earlier, I flashed a powerpoint slide, of an animated gif of the spinning top. As the animation cycle isn’t very smooth, it appears to pause a while before restarting. We are after all, in cycles of spinning – within the rounds of rebirth! Death is not the end yet, if delusion has yet to end.

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