Let’s Talk!

‘I’m busy, email me and I’ll reply later.’
Emails are an incredibly efficient means
for procrastinating a reply.
Let’s talk!

While it’s easier to reflect before replying by email,
it’s also easier to find time and ways to rationalise a reply.
Real-time face-to-face conversation please.
Let’s talk!

If I’m to approach for a face-to-face conversation,
you might be taken aback.
Thus, my email asks, ‘I just need to know when we can meet to discuss.’
Let’s talk!

2 thoughts on “Let’s Talk!

  1. It’s funny, even scary in a way,
    if one day people are so uncomfortable talking face-to-face,
    that they must meet with an iphone, ipad, iwatever,
    something to while away time,
    something in hand (literally) to talk about,
    some thing (literally, physically) to connect…

    oh wait… it’s happening already?… :p

    reminds me of a comic strip,
    that we can order all sorts of food. entertainment etc,
    but we can’t order a conversation in :p

    If I’m to approach for a face-to-face conversation,
    you might be taken aback,
    for while appearing calm & composed,
    my mind is like the legs of a duck,
    furiously paddling through the water.

  2. Talking about things instead of about and to each other has been an age-old problem. Think commenting on the weather haha.

    Now, there are more ‘handy’ things to talk about and talk thru – devices that are supposed to facilitate human communication. Irony!


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