Dead Meat?

It’s hard to know for how long animals’ consciousness can linger after being slaughtered. If an animal is attached to his own dead body, and does not depart in time, he or she might even feel the magnified pain of being cut and cooked. If the consciousness is not in the carcass, it can be around to witness what happens and give rise to hatred. This is a possible reason why some butchers and heavy meat-eaters are haunted by visions of animals out for vengence on their deathbeds. They are not always hallucinations, but possibly the wandering spirits of dead animals. They are not always the ghosts of guilt but actual ghosts.

3 thoughts on “Dead Meat?

  1. That sounds horrid.

    Some even said that sometimes butchers end up reincarnated as livestock itself so that they may learn the pain of being butchered.

  2. Near death visions are not something new and in most of the traditions of Buddhism, there are mentions of it. There are couple of westerners who have done research on reincarnation or even near death expeiences. But if the Buddhist community wants to prove their point, research can be done to collate everyman’s “final vision” before death which will definitely match the visions explained in our sutras. While death is a sensitive subject and it may not be right to conduct a proper research as we have to be sensitive to the dying but I have always heard of kins to the deceased sharing about what the he/she saw before one died. A dying man seldom tell lies and without deliberately asking them what do u see or dream, people who are about to die usually will share automatically or even react to what they saw by real physical behaviours such as an unusual fear to something. Such visions do tie regardless of race, nationality or religion.

  3. The problem with research on this is that not all such experiences are universal, as dependent on the karma and attitude of the dying. Amituofo

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