How Would I Know?

A Tit for a Tat (294)

Tit: Remind me to…
Tat: Okay…. [Five minutes later] Remember to…
Tit: Not now!
Tat: Then when?
Tit: Remind me when I forget!
Tat: How would I know when that would be?
Tit: How would I know?

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2 thoughts on “How Would I Know?

  1. Tat: When you forget, I supposed I can also forget about reminding you.
    Tic: Why?
    Tat: Surely it must have been not as important as the things you remembered without me reminding you. So let it go. Let it go.

  2. Haha, but sometimes people do forget important things.

    Tit: It’s precisely because it is so important that I need you to remind me of it in case I forget!
    Tat: If it’s that important, you shouldn’t depend on anyone else to remember it!



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