A Grave Issue

Question: We went to exhume of one of our long-time ancestors’ graves for cremation and discovered some ornaments with the remains. Some relatives suggested keeping them for remembrance and good luck. Is there any harm in doing so?

Answer: It’s not likely that the items will bring good luck, especially since there is no such thing as luck, as there is only cause and effect of actions at play, whether we discern them readily or not. There is no harm keeping them, unless the deceased is possessive and is a wandering spirit who might be displeased. If you suspect this might be so, it is good to do prayers to guide the person to birth in Pure Land by mindfulness of Amituofo. It is also a good idea to cash in the items if they are precious to do good and dedicate merits in the name of the deceased if there are no signs of disturbance. If not, it might be meaningless hanging on to the items with attachment from life to life, grave to grave!

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