How Should A Buddhist Vote?

Just before polling day, I wrote this on To my surprise, more than 30 friends ‘liked’ it, and many commented on it:

How should a Buddhist vote? Vote with compassion and wisdom. Vote for greater compassion and wisdom. Vote with more compassion for others, even if you are already doing well. With more compassion for the sake of the old, the sick, the poor, the disabled, the weak, the trampled, the forgotten, the voiceless. And with more wisdom, by listening and reflecting on all sides before choosing what is best for most. Even as we aspire to go to Pureland, let’s make this world a Pureland best we can. And all Purelands are made with compassion and wisdom. Amituofo.

I also wrote this at, which gathered many comments too:

~ Are apologies at the last minute the least or the most sincere [or in between?]?
~ To be so-called apolitical is to be politically irresponsible.
~ To be politically correct is often to be morally wrong.