A Horse Brotherhood

I’m generally not supportive of domestication as it is a often form of exploitation but in the documentary ‘The Monk on Horseback’, it’s a different case. The Abbot Khru Bah rescues horses to be sent for slaughter to care for them, and makes a point to assign stubborn horses for stubborn kid monk disciples he has, for their self-reflection on the troubles they create with their attitude. He also gets them to pay respects to their horses as their elder brothers. Part of their training in responsibility before ordination was to learn to take care of their horses. These are great skilful means!

Though famed for his Muay Thai skills, the Abbot only teaches those he ordains. In short, they must first commit to basic ethics and discipline before they learn a skill which might otherwise be abused. He ensures that the kids learn to win and lose with grace too. Cool!

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