Check Out My Mouth-Watering Meaty Dish!

I’ve no intentions of being a killjoy when it comes to others’ gastronomical pleasures. But I do find it as jaw-dropping as it is bizarre, when Buddhist friends post photos of their ‘catch of the day’, the meaty dishes they are about to tuck into, in their Facebook feeds. Of course, they are non-vegetarians and that it is not a must to be vegetarian, unless they are supposed to be more serious on the Bodhisattva path… but it is as if they are proud to be meat-eaters, and flaunt their preference for meat? Surely, the Buddha, if he had a Facebook account, would never post such pictures or encourage anyone to, which might in/directly promote meat-eating, and increase the demand and supply for slaughter.

What kind of reactions do meat-posters expect? Rejoice from other friends for their tucking into the flesh of mother sentient beings? Smiles at the garnished yummy-looking carcasses disguised to not look bloody and unpalatable? Folks to ‘like’ the pictures? Are they expected to feel tempted and envious? What if newbie vegetarian friends become shaken in their convictions? What if vegetarian-wannabes have second thoughts about turning vegetarian? And for non-Buddhists with no vegetarian aspirations, they are given ideas of where to relish in devouring more flesh for sure.

I can’t read minds, so I can’t tell exactly what others think, and how they would react. The above are just some conjectures. But here is my reaction… as above – amazement and puzzlement. And in my mind, I shake my head… because such photos obviously do not benefit any sentient being. They do not spur the rise of greater compassion, while they are liable to stir up thoughts of greed. They do not honour the mother sentient beings killed too. I’ve no intentions of being a killjoy, but I hope more, be they Buddhists or otherwise, realise that they don’t need to have joy derived from animals killed.

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