Never Let You Down

She says,
‘I think I can’t handle lies or betrayal well.
It’s hard for me to trust anyone now.’

‘Trust in the Dharma then’, I said,
‘for it will never let you down.
And the Dharma also says spiritual friendship is the dearest.

‘Yet, this does not mean to be attached to spiritual friends
(for what if they do let you down?),
but treasure the Dharma they share, for it leads to True Happiness.’

1 thought on “Never Let You Down

  1. The dhsrma never let you down whether one is alive, dead, an animal, a ghost, fallen from heaven or in hell. The Buddha saves every moment as it’s mission extends to all the realms with each teachings. Only when one is ARMed with dhARMa, can you face any karma in your journey towards Nirvana in this Samsara.

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