Schemers Don’t Like Schemers

In the ‘brutal’ game that is Survivor in one of the recent seasons, Fabio, seemingly a simple-minded goofball at first, eventually won the game. This seemed pretty amazing because he was the youngest winner yet, and he won without double-crossing anyone.

The thing is, if you double-cross anyone, and are found and judged by the others to be capable of doing so, you are likely to be double-crossed in time too – since you have proven yourself to be not 100% trustworthy. Karma can rebound to haunt you – sooner or later, even if not in the game. Bear in mind that the world is watching you double-cross!

The case of Fabio proves that it is possible to win without scheming. And the fact that he was never voted out by the tribal council proves that the rest believed he wasn’t capable of scheming, is non-threatening, and appreciated his fair contesting. The truth is, everyone, including the schemers, prefer those who don’t scheme. Ironic, isn’t it? Because this means the schemers don’t really like themselves! Trustworthiness wins in the long run.

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