Countering Jealousy

To transform jealousy, it is good to cultivate rejoice (gladness) that others are ‘better’, and to see their better state is a possible model to work towards. Of course, this should be more in the spiritual than worldly sense.

For example, we don’t become jealous when we see the Buddha to be fully enlightened, but emulate him instead. We also don’t become jealous of Prince Siddhartha when we hear that he once had great worldly wealth. Spirituality helps to keep things in perspective.

While we should become more skilled and accomplished in our livelihood and such, our real worth in the long run is our measure of our growth in compassion and wisdom, of how much closer to enlightenment we get ourselves to.

4 thoughts on “Countering Jealousy

  1. As a very envious person..should know what am talking about. Just accept myself as i am envious..accept that am envious of so and so and such and such a thing…nothing to be embarrased envious so be it…than found that envy begun losing hold of this me…amitabha!

  2. To transform jealousy it may be better to cultivate mudita (altruistic joy) as opposed to seeing others as better as this may lead into the three conceits. Others to emulate may be further along, or advanced, spiritually but not necessarily better. Of course this could be what you are saying and it being misperceived by myself.


  3. Actually, rejoice as in the article is mudita. Sometimes, the term ‘appreciative joy’ is used too.



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