The Buddha’s Shadow

Rāhul was raised by his mother and grandfather, King Suddhodana. When he was seven years old, the Buddha returned to his home city of Kapilavatthu at the request of his father who missed him dearly. On the seventh day of his return, Yasodharā took Rāhula to see his father, the Buddha. She told Rāhula that since his father had renounced the palace life and as he was the next royal prince in line, he should ask his father for his inheritance of crown and treasure for his future sake when his grandfather would no longer rule the kingdom.

After the meal, Rāhul followed the Buddha, saying “Give me my inheritance.” Nobody tried to stop him, nor did the Buddha prevent him from following him. He then looked at his father and said, “Lord, even your shadow is pleasing to me.” – From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

While Rāhula found the Buddha’s shadow pleasing, I find the back view of Buddha statues (and their silhouettes) pleasing and serene. It gives me a sense that the Buddha is always waiting. Waiting for me to approach him for teachings. Namo Buddhaya!