Is Jealousy Natural?

From Chester Brown’s ‘Paying for It’:

Jealousy is natural,
but that doesn’t mean that not feeling jealous is not natural.
It’s probably better to frame the matter in relation to maturity.
It’s immature to be jealous,
it’s mature to not feel jealous.

Likewise, while it is ‘natural’ for us spiritually immature beings to have greed, hatred and delusion, but it is not at all natural for the spiritually mature (especially the enlightened) to have these defilements (Three Poisons). (Incidentally, jealousy is a mix of greed and hatred – wanting the beloved and not wanting others to have the beloved at the same time.)

The question to ask ourselves is – Do we want to be ‘naturally’ immature or truly naturally mature, as in, being aligned to our Buddha-nature, that is free of these defilements? Just because we ‘naturally’ have defilements doesn’t mean we have to remain so. We can work towards greater maturity.

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