Phantom Love & Loss

Some lament
of not finding a dream partner,
of not getting the one one wants now.

Some lament
of losing a dream partner,
of not having ‘the one’ any more.

Which is worse?
Not getting what you want now,
or losing what you get later?

Is it worth it?
Getting heavenly marital bliss now,
only to go through hellish pain when death does two apart?

The suffering lies in attachment
to who is not here yet,
to who is no longer here.

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1 thought on “Phantom Love & Loss

  1. In a dualistic world, gain is followed by loss. Dreams may sometimes spiral into nightmares. If one build one’s happiness upon what one has gained, it is also building one’s misery upon what one has lost. Before we begin, we had none of these. If one can answer to oneself what is one’s true nature when we are without. If one can be happy by default even when one started off without. Whatever that comes in and out of your life, you are by default happy. Bonuses in life may make u happier but when u loses that bonus, you are still the happy you without. The greatest happiness for a Buddhist is to be on the bodhisattva path where one works for the eternal liberation for all sentient beings and their freedom from gain and loss. Only when one gain liberation is one’s gain eternal for the freedom from suffering is an eternal gain which one can lose no more.

    The human world is a realm of desires fueled by the secular activities of mankind who fan the fires of desires. Each day, you are told by the media or advertisements that you should live in a certain way, look at a certain way, own certain things in order to be happy so much that in the process of subscribing to such thoughts, we start to see ourselves as unhappy that we have forgotten that we too can be happy when we are without.

    When our lives reaches the end, we started to realise that everything we build our happiness upon on especially if they are material happiness have to be apart from us and not a part of us. The truth is material happiness is transient and they never were true happiness to begin with. True happiness is indeed an inside job.

    To build one’s happiness on conditions that changes is to build one’s happiness that changes when conditions change

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