Proximity & Distance

Unfortunately, due to unskilfulness in reconciling or separating the two, increase in worldly proximity between Dharma friends, including teachers and students, sometimes leads to spiritual distancing. Sometimes, there is disappointment, that someone is less inspiring or more unenlightened than imagined. This is however a reality check for our expectations. Let us just continue to walk towards enlightenment together, looking ahead at the Buddha as our best example, ideal spiritual friend and perfect guru.

Sometimes, some teachers are more worldly than some students think, while some students are more spiritual than some teachers think. It’s a little amusing and a little sad to see some teachers trying to portray themselves as ordinary, while some students try to see their teachers as extraordinary, while some teachers try to see their students as extraordinary, while some students see that they are ordinary. It’s safer to be Dharma-focused, since the good Dharma is that treasured by both teachers and students. It is that which makes their relationship worthy. It is the centre of it.

It is the Dharma that is above all.
If the Dharma is not the central issue,
then we are perhaps looking at the cult of personality.
A good teacher will always put the Dharma first.

– John Peacock

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