Stablisation Needed

For someone (or anyone) suffering from bipolar disorder and/or schizophrenia:

To be frank, it is tedious reading your mails which swing from one end to another due to your condition. Just before responding to one mail, another mail comes in with another swing. The previous mail becomes not so relevant. But I understand, as these are classic symptoms of your medical condition. If you look back at your mails, on how many times you considered giving up nianfo, Buddhism, and how often you returned, you will see what I mean.

What you need is not more swinging, but more stablisation. Nianfo (Buddha mindfulness) is a powerful method, as clearly recommended by ALL Buddhas – as the best method of practice in our time, capable of helping ALL beings – even if they have mental conditions. It is the method for you. Trust the Buddhas. I know of no other way to help you properly – other than encouraging you to help yourself with mindfulness of Amituofo as a community with us. Amituofo always wants to help. Why not help yourself properly by regular nianfo?

My response is always the same to your emails describing your possible hallucinations, emotional highs and lows – ‘Please nianfo for calmness and clarity of mind, as this connects you to the blessings of Amituofo.’ Amituofo has not given up on you yet, so there is no need to give up Amituofo. Amituofo

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