Who Are You To Judge?

I can’t remember which comic the above panel is from.
A vampire (if I remember correctly)
laments to a vampire slayer,

‘We eat to survive!
Do you avenge for cows and fish too?
What have we done wrong?
Who are you to judge us?’

Not that there are real vampires,
if I become one, I think I would choose to fast and meditate to death,
if I can’t get violence-free blood anywhere.

Not that vengeance is encouraged,
do humans tend to avenge only for humans,
while they neglect justice for other sentient beings?

How about simply refraining from harming all sentient beings?
How about eating violence-free food,
since we don’t require anyone to bleed for our survival?

Who are we not to judge ourselves fairly?
Not doing so is already to be doing wrong,
by being morally complacent and culpable.

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