Ghostly Affinity?

A friend thinks he might have encountered a ghost, indirectly, having snapped a picture which includes a strange ghostly figure. I advised that he should share merits with the ghost to aid a good rebirth, in case the photographed is really a ghost, since he has affinity with the ghost. He exclaimed at first that he doesn’t want any affinity with ghosts, as they can be scary. Of course, like most of us, he prefers not to encounter any ghosts.

I replied that the fact that he snapped the picture, there is already some affinity. It isn’t about creating affinity from scratch or hoping to have a scary encounter. If you have already seen a human, it doesn’t make sense to say you don’t have affinity with that human, because if so, you would not have seen the person in the first place. Affinity cannot be severed anyway; it can only be transformed for better or worse, or remain as it is. It’s important to help when we have some affinity, because the ones needing help might not have much affinity with others who can help.

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