Guru Not

H: There is this guru in town (Geshe Michael Roach) who claim to use Buddhism to teach people how to make money. Do you know anything about his guy? Is he orthodox?

J: Actually, he has been kind of denounced by HHDL’s office, partly because he proclaimed some level of enlightenment. Here is more about him: Good to stay clear of his stuff. Even if some parts are okay, some parts might not be. It might not be easy to discern which parts are okay. It’s interesting to note too, that just because he is academically qualified in the right teachings, didn’t guarantee that he is spiritually or morally qualified. This applies to every teacher.

H: It is sad that many of his followers are not aware of Buddha’s true teachings. And I believe he won’t be the last self-proclaimed guru…

Due to two suggestions that the picture of Mike Myers from the movie ‘The Love Guru’ above being disrespectful, which was not the intention, below is an actual picture of Roach (from Wikipedia), with his ex-‘consort’ Christie McNally. They are now not together as ‘spiritual partners’ though they once vowed to never be apart night and day. More about McNally can be seen at NY Times: and May this extra remark show clearly that Roach and Myers are not the same person. Myers is a popular comedian, not to be taken seriously in his movie above. According to NY Post:, Roach also wears suits when he hits the clubs. As such, he might not always appear as below. If you have comments about the external links here, please post them in the corresponding websites instead of here. (If otherwise, they might be deleted due to being off focus.) Thank you.