What Animals for Dinner?

I see an old friend, who became Buddhist before I did, walking through a food court. I thought he was looking for a seat, but he stopped before a meat noodle stall, looked at the menu, and made an order. Turned out that he was looking for what animal(s) to eat for dinner, bypassing the obvious vegetarian stall. A friend once remarked that it is much easier to choose what to eat as a vegetarian, instead of being confused by so many kinds of animal flesh ‘available’.

I have to admit I was somewhat disappointed, that after all these years, he still eats animals. But I shouldn’t be so judgemental. All this means is that in the department of compassion to many kinds of ‘edible’ animals, he hasn’t improved much yet? Still, it never ceases to amaze me, when Buddhists who know they are supposed to practise ever-increasing compassion to all sentient beings, are able to, continually, day after day, muse over what animals they should eat, at least three times a day, for three meals. How about entertaining more thoughts of what animals to stop eating?